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Authentic Sussex Trugs
From The Original Makers of
The Royal Sussex Trug Basket in England

Trug comes from the old English word "trog", meaning boat-like. The "modern" trug gardening basket was developed sometime around 1850 in the small town of Herstmonceux in East Sussex. To this day, Sussex trugs are made entirely by hand. The trug has a simple frame made of two squarish cornered hoops of sweet chestnut. The chestnut laths are hand split and shaped with a draw knife and heated in a wood fired steamer until they become pliable enough to bend around the frame forms. Once formed, the frames are securely nailed together. Carefully hand shaped split willow slats are then pressed in place within the frame, and each overlapping slat is fastened to the frame with copper nails. Sussex trugs are very light weight and long lasting, some are still in use after 100 years. Wonderful for cut flowers or your garden produce; lovely for indoor use and for special gift baskets as well.

The story goes that Queen Victoria, at the Hyde Park Exposition in 1851, greatly admired the trug and ordered a number of them, which the maker delivered personally, making the 60 mile journey to Buckingham Palace on foot, pushing the trugs in a wheelbarrow!
These are the real, authentic Sussex Trugs.

For the sake of expediency, and to save wear and tear on our company president, we will deliver a trug of your very own by U.P.S.

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No. 1 Sussex Trug No. 2 Sussex Trug No. 3 Sussex Trug
No. 1 Sussex Trug
Our Price: $68.00
No. 2 Sussex Trug
Our Price: $76.00
No. 3 Sussex Trug
Our Price: $85.00
4½"x10" (capacity 1 pint) 5½"x11" (capacity 2 pints) 6"x12" (capacity 3 pints)
No. 4 Sussex Trug No. 5 Sussex Trug No. 6 Sussex Trug
No. 4 Sussex Trug
Our Price: $94.00
No. 5 Sussex Trug
Our Price: $100.00
No. 6 Sussex Trug
Our Price: $110.00
7"x15" (capacity 1 gallons) 8½"x17" (capacity 1½ gallons)

10"x19½" (capacity 2 gallons)
No. 7 Sussex Trug
No. 7 Sussex Trug
Our Price: $120.00
11"x20½" (capacity 3 gallons)