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Agriframe Rose Arches
from England
... an easy way to create some of the traditional effect and charm found in English gardens. It can be used as support forms for climbing shrubs and flowers such as roses, clematis, or wisteria, or as elegant arbors for grapes and other fruits. Or use it as an attractive way to support beans, squash, peas or other climbers in the vegetable garden. Very well made in England of ¾" steel tubing thickly coated in tough, resilient black nylon. Easy to assemble and erect - just slip together and tighten the screws. Measurements below indicate above-ground heights allowing for an additional 13'' below ground. The Ogee Arch (shown right) has a 4ft. wide opening, the arch itself is 18in. wide and is 8ft.4in. high. The Classic Round Rose arch is available in two widths, one has a 4 ft span, the other has a 5 ft span. Both are 7ft 4in high and 18 in wide.
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4ft Ogee Rose Arch 4ft Round Rose Arch
4ft Ogee Rose Arch
Our Price: $150.00
4ft Round Rose Arch
Our Price: $295.00