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Easy Fleece Tunnel
This product is an award winning design. It’s simple and efficient. Galvanized steel hoops are incorporated into the material to create a one-piece, easy to use tunnel. It extends and compacts like an accordion. The tunnel is pulled out to its full length and secured by pushing the hoop ends firmly into the soil. Several tunnels can be joined together overlapping their ends. The last section can be positioned open, partially open or fully closed. Creates warmth and insulation while allowing water and sunlight to filter through. Protects from frost, strong sunlight and pests. Start early this season! Dimensions 10’L x 17"W x 12"H
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10 foot long easy fleece tunnel protects plants from frost, strong sunlight and pests, but lets light and water in.
10' Easy Fleece Tunnel
Our Price: $53.00
10' Easy Fleece Tunnel