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Shake 'n Go
Predator Urine

Granular Ground Cover

Shake 'N Go Ground Cover is made by saturating all-natural absorption granules with the animal predator urine. It is very convenient, just sprinkle the granules around plants, bushes, rocks and animal burrows weekly. The 16 oz shaker dispenser is easy to use and you get even coverage.
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Shake 'n Go Fox Shake 'n Go Coyote
Shake 'n Go Fox
Our Price: $29.95
Shake 'n Go Coyote
Our Price: $29.95
16 oz shaker. Fox granules are effective deterrents against woodchucks, rabbits, skunk, squirrel and chipmunk. 16 oz shaker. Coyote granules are effective deterrents against deer, raccoon and opossum.