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Poison Oak-n-Ivy Cleanser & Relief Gel

Tecnu Poison Oak-N-Ivy Cleanser is the best solution to end the misery of poison oak, ivy and sumac. Tecnu cleans and decontaminates by removing the plant's oil (urushiol) from skin and clothing. No other product does this. Tecnu removes the poison before the rash begins. If the rash has started, Tecnu can help stop the oil from spreading. We also carry clear Calagel, an anti-itch medicated gel, for additional relief from Poison Ivy, Oak and bites.
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Tecnu Skin Cleanser - 12 ounce bottle - remove poison ivy & Oak oils Tecnu Skin Cleanser - 2 ounce mini bottle - remove poison ivy & Oak oils Tecnu Calagel to sooth itching
Tecnu Oak-n-Ivy Cleanser
Our Price: $18.00
12 fl oz bottle 2 fl oz mini bottle 6 Ounce Bottle