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For Whitefly Use...

Nicke's Stickys
A few years ago, scientists discovered that the pesky whitefly, along with many other insects, is attracted by the color yellow. This fact led to STICKY STRIPS: rigid sheets of bright yellow, about 6" x 12", that are coated on both sides with a sticky material. The flies zip to the yellow and wind up in the "sticky" ...like flies to fly-paper. Hang strips near your plants. Use indoors, in the greenhouse, on patios, and in the garden. No toxic material, chemicals, or fumes. Use early-on to avoid infestations. Used by professional growers. Use long-lasting strips until covered with bugs ...then throw out

More Nicke's Stickys
To catch whitefly, aphids, and the many insects attracted to yellow. 3" x 5" cards, sticky on both sides, with wire holders to support them beside garden or potted plants.
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Nicke's Sticky 6" x 12" Strips Nicke's Sticky 3" x 5" Cards
Large Nicke's Stickys. Package of 5. Small Nicke's Stickys. Package of 9 with 3 holders.