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Ideal for Homeowners and Gardeners

The RainTower is the first sprinkler designed to water gardens and landscapes with tall plants and shrubs. It has two height settings (41" & 72") that let it “grow” with plants. The sprinkler head delivers a gentle rain that falls over the tops of plants providing uniform coverage without dry spots or “shadowing”. Collapses easily for carrying and storage in a small space. It is extremely stable, the wide tripod base with anchor pads prevent it from tipping over when ground becomes soggy. Coverage is a large area of up to 5,200 sq. ft. (80' diameter). The adjustable plastic sprinkler head waters full or partial circles. By setting for quarter or half circles and positioning the RainTower at the corners, you can evenly water square or rectangular areas. Made in the USA by one of our leading irrigation companies.