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Organic Garden Twine
from Scotland

The Garden Twine, from Nutscence of Dundee, Scotland, is a green jute garden twine nearly invisible in use. Soft, pliable, strong for all plant tying. Good for one season outdoors. It will rot in soil or compost. Perfect for pea or any annual vine support, you can just add it to the compost pile at the end of the season. Does not unravel or tangle from spool. Use from pocket with both hands free.

Nutscene Twine-in-a-Can (above left)

How about 500 ft of our famous No. 3 Nutscene Twine in a can. Feeds from a hole in the center of the lid. Tangle-free.

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Nutscene green organic gardener's twine in a roll, 360 feet. Our Organic Twine in a Can is perfect for use in the garden. Fully compostable, great for using on vines, peas and other plants.