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Stainless Steel

The same elegant design as our BotanicaLabels, but with a whole instead of a stake. You can tie them on a shrub or tack them to a tree, wall or fence. Made of heavy gauge solid stainless steel, so they will never rust. Write on them with the supplied paint-pen; it will not fade, but can be removed with nail polish remover. 

Solid Copper

The same size and just as beautiful and indestructible as the stainless steel versions. Copper BotanicaTags can be written on with paint pen, or they can be permantly marked with an engraving tool. With time in the garden, copper BotanicaLabels and Tags will develop an elegant verdigris patina. 

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Our copper plant labels tie onto branches, fences and more. Mark your plants in the garden. Includes a paint pen. Great to hang from branches, our stainless steel botanica tags won't rust and are re-usable.
Copper Botanica Tags
Our Price: $21.50 pkg of 10
Stainless Steel Botanica Tags
Our Price: $21.50 pkg of 10