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Capillary Matting - 1 Foot Long 2 1/4" Peat Pots 3" Standard Plastic Grower's Pots
2 1/4" Peat Pots
Our Price: $5.00 pkg of 50
3" Standard Plastic Grower's Pots
Our Price: $10.00 pkg of 50
Capillary Matting 2¼” Round Peat Pots 3" Standard Grower's Pot
Medium Round Frost Cover 4" Standard Plastic Grower's Pots Large Round Frost Cover (up to barrel size pots)
4" Standard Plastic Grower's Pots
Our Price: $14.00 pkg of 50
Meduim Round Frost Cover 4" Standard Grower's Pot Large Round Frost Cover
cast aluminum dibble to drill holes for seeds, seedlings and small bulbs. Hanging Basket Frost Cover 5" Standard Plastic Grower's Pots
Wood Dibblet
Our Price: $15.95
5" Standard Plastic Grower's Pots
Our Price: $20.00 pkg of 50
Our all wood dibblet is ideal for planting with great accuracy. Hand turned FSC Beechwood with 1cm graduations. Small enough to keep in your gardening bag or apron with a handy leather strap for hanging. About 7 inches long. Hanging Basket Frost Cover 5" Standard Grower's Pot
Deep Root Training Kit Quality made garden sieve to filter soil. Made in England. Self Watering Herb Pot - Made in the UK
Garden Sieve
Our Price: $24.50
Self Watering Herb Pot
Our Price: $28.95
Our root trainers produce deeper, faster, straighter fibrous roots resulting in superior plants. Works with all seeds. 32 reusable cells. Cells open like a book for easy transplanting without root disturbance. Comes with a holding tray and clear dome lid. Stores flat. Garden Sieve Grow fresh herbs in our handy self watering herb pot. Ideal fro growing herbs from seeds right in the kitchen or on a window sill. Four removable pockets for individual planting with a water reservoir for easy maintenance and a saucer. White with lime green inserts. Made in the UK.;
Flower Pot Cleaning Brush 2in1 Garden Sieve / garden riddle Deluxe Propagator
Flower Pot Brush
Our Price: $38.95
Two-in-One Garden Sieve
Our Price: $39.95
Deluxe Propagator
Our Price: $39.95

Designed for cleaning flower pots at the end of each season. The brush has a solid wood handle and hard wearing, densely packed bristles perfectly shaped for reaching the edges of any shape or size pot. Made in England. Overall length is 9.5". The brush measures 4" long and the width tapers from 5" to 3"

Two-in-One Garden Sieve High Dome Propagator
Quality made hand held potting sieve to filter soil. Metal Garden Riddle 10 foot long easy fleece tunnel protects plants from frost, strong sunlight and pests, but lets light and water in.
Metal Garden Riddle
Our Price: $45.00
10' Easy Fleece Tunnel
Our Price: $53.00
Garden Sieve Garden Sieve 10' Easy Fleece Tunnel
Deluxe Large Stewart Propagator Set Gardener's potting table Gardener's high quality cold frame
Potting Table with Wheels
Our Price: $324.95
Cold Frame
Our Price: $435.00
High Dome Propagator Potting Table with Wheels
Garden Cold Frame