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Dutch Perennial Tools
Three beautifully crafted Dutch hand tools forged from high quality carbon steel with European Ash hardwood handles. Made in Holland.
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Dutch perennial garden fork. Great for weeding, cultivating, lifting and separating perennials and bulbs. Great garden tool, made in Holland. The Dutch Corkscrew Weeder will remove the entire root. Dutch perennial garden spade is a great garden shovel that has a sharp blade. Useful for dividing perennials.
Dutch Perennial Fork
Our Price: $45.95
Dutch Corkscrew Weeder
Our Price: $39.95
Dutch Perennial Spade
Our Price: $45.95
Great for weeding, cultivating, lifting, and separating perennials and bulbs. Overall length is 23". The fork head is 5"L x 3½W". Weight 1.5 lbs. Made in Holland. Designed to remove the entire root. Turn it clockwise into the soil around the weed, then pull it up. Ideal for removing dandelions from your lawn. Overall length is 23". The corkscrew head is 5"L x 1½W". Weight 1.5 lbs. Made in Holland. A lightweight, Dutch made, hand spade with a nice sharp blade. A great tool for dividing perennials. Use it to dig or cultivate in tight places in your perennial beds.It has been given special write-ups in Better Homes and Garden, Organic Gardening, Fine Gardening and The New York Times. The Overall length is 20½". The heart-shaped head is 4½"x 4½". Weight 1.0 lbs