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Japanese root & Sod cutter, sharp blade cast aluminum dibble to drill holes for seeds, seedlings and small bulbs. Weed 'n Rake
Wood Dibblet
Our Price: $15.95
Weed 'n Rake
Our Price: $22.95
Stainless Steel Digging Trowel with Cutting Edge for weeds traditional garden fork, garden tool Traditional English Style Hand Rake. Wood handle, perfect for raking in gardens and around bushes
English Style Hand Fork
Our Price: $24.00
English Style Rake
Our Price: $24.00
Our crack and crevice weeder is very effective for weeding in tight spots, such as between bricks in walkways and more. Short handled gooseneck weeder, a very handy and popular well-made American gardening tool. Dutch 3 Tine Cultivator. Made in Holland. Heirloom quality garden tool
Gooseneck Weeder
Our Price: $24.95
Hand held dirt ripper made in USA. Great for cultivating, digging, and more. Fishtail Weeder Asparagus Knife Garden Tool Weeder/Rooter
Our Price: $27.95
Our magic weeder is an excellent and well-loved garden tool. It pulls weeds out from the root! Heavy duty gardening tool: the Cobra Head Weeder Small Dutch onion hand hoe. Made in Holland.
Magic Weeder
Our Price: $27.95
Cobra Head Weeder
Our Price: $27.95
Small Onion Hand Hoe
Our Price: $27.95
Dutch Spring Tine Cultivator. Made in Holland. Heirloom quality garden tool Asian hand cultivator, a fabulous garden tool from Korea. Great for cultivating, digging, and more. Our Ideal Weeder is the perfect weeding tool for your gardening chores.
Asian Hand Cultivator
Our Price: $28.95
Ideal Weeder
Our Price: $28.95
The cape cod weeder is a tried and true quality weeding tool and comes right handed or left handed. Asian long handled cultivator, great multi-purpose tool for vegetable gardens and flower gardens. Long handled dandelion fork weeding tool for the garden and lawn
Cape Cod Weeder
Our Price: $29.95
Japanese Weeder Kife Dutch Garden Knife Dutch Hand Hoe
Japanese Weeder Knife
Our Price: $37.50
Dutch Garden Knife
Our Price: $38.95
Dutch Hand Hoe
Our Price: $39.95
Grampa's Weeder The Dutch Corkscrew Weeder will remove the entire root. Long handled weed pulling tool
Grampa's Weeder
Our Price: $39.95
Dutch Corkscrew Weeder
Our Price: $39.95
Long Handled Weeder
List Price: $46.95
Our Price: $48.95
Sale Price: $39.95
Savings: $7.00
Quality Dutch 2 Prong Weeder for Tap Roots Sophie Conran Ergo Hand Hoe gardening tool Dutch perennial garden fork. Great for weeding, cultivating, lifting and separating perennials and bulbs. Great garden tool, made in Holland.
Dutch Two Pronged Weeder
Our Price: $39.95
Ergo Hand Hoe
Our Price: $39.95
Dutch Perennial Fork
Our Price: $45.95