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Spearhead Spade

The special Spearhead Spade is designed for rocky or dense clay soils. It also is fantastic at transplanting and separating highly rooted and fibrous plants. It reduces digging effort by up to 80% due to the sharpened edges from tip to tail of the shovel head. The blade is very heavy gauge hard steel with a tough epoxy powder coating. The handle is reinforced fiberglass. Available with a long, straight handle or a shorter handle with a "YD" grip.
Tough on tasks….Easy on you”. Made in USA.
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Spearhead Mini Spade Spearhead Spade One tough digging tool, our spearhead spade is made in the USA and makes tough jobs easy.
Spearhead Mini Spade
Our Price: $44.00
Spearhead Spade
Our Price: $52.00
Spearhead Mini Spade with YD Grip. Overall length 30". Spear head is 8" x 6". Perfect for working perennial beds. Spearhead Spade with YD Grip. 31" fiberglass handle. Overall length 41.5". Spear head is 10.75". Long-Handled Spearhead Spade. This is one tough digging tool. This digging spade is no ordinary digging shovel. Perfect for digging through rocky soil, dense, compact or heavily traveled areas, clayish soil, heavily rooted areas, doing detailed digging or fine digging. Also an excellent, and high quality garden tool for transplanting and moving plants. We love this spade and it's been a customer favorite. Overall length 59".

This high quality garden spade is made in the USA.