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Worm Castings
Organic Worm Castings - Organic Plant Fertilizer

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A perfect, all-natural nutrient source, organic worm castings create wonderful soil structure and add beneficial biology to the root zone. They retain moisture in the soil, help to rejuvenate houseplants, and offer new plants, vegetables and flowers a head start when blended into the soil during planting indoors and out. Worm castings are earth’s greatest organic fertilizer.

Creates wonderful soil structure

Adds beneficial biology to the root zone
Water less! Worm Castings help hold moisture in the root zone
Rejuvenate houseplants! Add ¼ cup per gallon pot to soil surface
Give new plants a head start! Mix ¼ cup into soil planting hole for each plant
Can also apply as “tea” when watering
Contains: 100% Organic Worm Castings

Safe for people and pets

1 pound bag

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